About Our Business

Who We Are

Evander Landscaping & Poles has been fully registered since 2004. The company owner and founder John Berning set up the business as a natural progression. Right from the outset the compan's aim was to supply the material needed for lapa building, as well as retail poles and harware to individual customers. Asthe business grew a garden centre was established to offer landscaping services for new and existing gardens.

Today the business has grown to become a very successful landscaping and garden centre, both with regards to the size of its premises, as well as its circle of customers.

Unskilled people are developed and trained to produce Wendy houses, dog kennels, picket fences and custom built wooden decks in addition to the decrative products.

Services range from the devlopment of the overall garden, jungle gym design concept, to desiging and implementing landscaping, which includes choosing the right plants, laying lawn and pathways as well as continuous maintenance. We supply poles and planks depending on customer's requirements.

Conveniently located in Evander Mpumalanga just 13km from Secunda, the centre has everything for gardening needs, A large variety of poles, planks, building supplies, garden tools and accessories, water features, pots and containers can be found.